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There are some reasons why you will benefit from using

You can decide by yourself how complex will be your knowledge database. Usually people starting from simple list of Frequently Asked Questions and growing by time to multi-page knowledge base covering all aspects of company's knowledge.
The tiniest "bit" of site's structure is a "Question". It has header (question itself) and answer. When you initial list of Q/A becomes too long you can split them by logical groups - "Topics". If your FAQ page becomes too long you can add more pages - "Tabs"
Upon creation your site will got one Tab with one Topic, which consists from only one question.
You can improve design of your site decoration entire Site, every single Tab and even every single Topic, adding to them custom HTML header and footer. It allows you keep appearance of website intact with your corporate style or main website design. At the same time we suggest to keep appearance simplistic to keep user focused on finding needed information.
You can host your site on (example:, on (example: or on (example:

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